Ceramic decorations and gifts for the festive season

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1 – Creative ceramic decorations for Christmas and New Year’s Day

2 – Ideas for personalized ceramic gifts

3 – Themed ceramic workshops: celebrate clay!

4 – Ceramics and tradition: a happy marriage

5 – The importance of local crafts during the holidays


In the run-up to Christmas, let’s think about incorporating the magic of ceramics into those precious moments spent with the family. This year let’s add a new dimension to these traditional holidays with our handmade creations. Whether intended as gifts or to decorate our interiors and festive tables, ceramics bring originality and authenticity. If you’re a seasoned ceramicist, or even a novice looking for inspiration, you will find in this article some pottery ideas to brighten up Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

At Créamik, we’ve been talking about ceramic Christmas decorations for a long time, as can be seen in our article on light published last November. Soak up the warm atmosphere of our studio, bursting with ideas, and learn how to bring a personal, creative touch to your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

1 — Creative ceramic decorations for Christmas and New Year’s Day

As the festive season approaches, the studio is transformed into a creative laboratory. This year, why not wander off the beaten track and reinvent Christmas classics? Instead of a live tree leaving its pine needles behind in January, you can learn from Mollysanyouceramics how to make and glaze ceramic trees of all sizes. Molly generously shares her work and reveals her tips and tricks. Here’s the link to how to make a tree and the result:

A live tree is a Christmas essential, but you can personalize it with ornaments. It’s very easy to slab build stars, angels, snowmen, characters from Christmas tales and other little ornaments. Instagram is full of inspiring models, such as those on the Instagram accounts of julieinthemoon, lamalledesanges and minikiwi.biz.

The most beautiful of your creations, well photographed, will also make lovely original New Year’s cards. With them, you’ll rediscover the joys of sending greetings cards at the beginning of the year.

Candleholders are another must-have for end-of-year tables. And – just as well – they’re not very difficult to make, even for a novice potter. They provide a light that contributes to the warm, sparkling atmosphere of Christmas. Candleholders can be thrown, but you can also shape small cylindrical pinch pots to fill with wax. Here’s an example from homeinspiratiion_bymt on Instagram :

For table centrepieces and decorations, the artistry and originality of ceramic design guarantees elegance.

Matthieu Liévois, large bowl, to be admired as a centrepiece or wall decoration

The use of mixed techniques, like the combination of glaze with raw stoneware, offers a rich contrast of textures and colours, ideal for the festive atmosphere.

Matthieu Liévois, soliflore vase, crystalline glaze on porcelain.

A contemporary and original take on the classic Christmas tree bauble.

2 — Personalized gift ideas

For Christmas gifts, we suggest useful objects with personalized details and finishes. These pieces can be treasures of craftsmanship, bearing the imprint of their creator.

1.Personalized mugs: a timeless classic. Instead of the usual designs, consider incorporating elements that resonate with the person you’re giving it to. This could be a favourite quote, a motif that evokes a shared memory, or even a shape that fits perfectly into the hand of its future owner. Sgraffito decoration is very much in vogue these days, and lends itself well to personalized designs and phrases.

2.Decorative plates: a decorative plate always makes a wonderful gift. By playing with texture and colour, each plate can be transformed into a veritable work of art.

Matthieu Liévois:
This work of art combines the functionality of a large dish with the beauty of a ceramic painting.

3. Miniatures: for those looking for something really special, ceramic miniatures are an exquisite choice. These small works can represent objects, animals or figurines such as santons (French ornamental Christmas figures). They require precision, but the result can be breathtaking. Make the most of it: miniatures are so fashionable these days! There’s still time to get started, with the help of this downloadable guide on the Small Ceramics website: it is in English, well illustrated and easy to follow.

The ceramicist demetgalatali specializes in charming miniatures. Here are a few examples:

Every ceramic gift is an authentic and warm way of showing your loved ones how important they are to you. With your artworks, you’re giving them something they can’t find anywhere else.

3 — Themed ceramic workshops: celebrate clay!

Christmas decorations can easily be incorporated into themed workshops. They offer a wonderful opportunity for adults and children alike to learn while immersing themselves in the festive spirit. Design these workshops to accommodate participants of different levels. Themed workshops are an opportunity to work together on family projects, and a great way to keep the Christmas holidays busy!

One technique lends itself particularly well to themed workshops: raku. You can even combine raku and miniatures. In this way, you can make fully finished pieces in a very short time. For more on this, look up Adam Johnson at his Adamceramic website:

Some of you may be familiar with the TV show The Great Pottery Throw Down, which has been broadcast for several years on British channels. Adam made a name for himself in season 4 with his colourful creations. In his work, he develops mini raku, sharing tips: here’s the link to find out how he makes Christmas baubles:

With a variety of projects for all levels and ages, themed workshops create moments of sharing and joy.

4 — Ceramics and tradition: a happy marriage

The traditions of Christmas and New Year offer inexhaustible inspiration. Ceramics can influence our rituals. Beautiful pottery can become the centre of new family traditions, such as a special New Year’s Eve bowl or a decorative plate for serving Christmas cookies. Handmade and full of resonance, these objects become part of family heritage, handed down through the years.

Christmas is rooted in a rich historical and religious past. It gives ceramicists an opportunity to bring to life traditional and spiritual aspects of the Christmas story, depicting Nativity scenes, including santons or crib figures, telling the Christmas story visually in a captivating and moving way.

5 — The importance of local crafts during the holidays

The holiday season is a great opportunity to appreciate the value of local artists and handmade gifts. In choosing locally made products, not only do we give unique and authentic presents but we also support the local economy and promote sustainable practices.

Crafted with care and attention, handmade products are superior in quality and durability to mass-produced items. Buying them locally reinforces a sense of community. It creates a link between the owner and the artisan. This holiday is an opportunity to reflect on the impact of our consumer choices. Choosing local craftsmanship, we consciously opt for authenticity.


The festive season reminds us of family traditions and community. Ceramics, with its timeless charm, uniquely incorporates these values. Ceramic objects embody and express the attention we pay to our loved ones. By choosing handmade gifts and supporting local craftsmanship, we support a more humane and sustainable economy. It reminds us that the best things in life are not those that are bought, but those that are created with love and shared with generosity.

In this holiday season, ceramics invites us to slow down, encourages us to appreciate artistry, and reminds us not to forget the little things that make life beautiful.

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