A training centre for ceramics

Vocational training, wheel throwing, glazing, mold making. Complete training to help you successfully set up your potter-ceramist workshop!

Created in 2009 by Matthieu Liévois, a potter-ceramist since 1981, the school is located on the Port-Anna peninsula in Séné, France, in a natural and homey setting.

“The desire to share my artistic passion, to pass on know-how that I acquired over many years, naturally led me to become a teacher.

To allow future potter-ceramists to start their own workshop and to live out their passion well, creativity and originality will be emphasized throughout the training.

At the same time, we consider profitability and productivity as well!

Students who decide to embark on this path will have the noble task of helping this wonderful profession to continue!”

Matthieu Liévois


→ French language:

The professional training offered at our workshop in France is given in French only. Please make sure you have a solid level of French (daily conversation level) before applying.


→ Acquire:

Techniques (wheel throwing/ glazing/ mold making) that will allow you to undertake artisanal production of utilitarian and/or decorative ceramics.

→ Get ready for:

The examination for the French diploma “CAP Throwing” (Training registered with the RNCP: 680)


→ One session per year: September to June

  • Current session: September 6, 2022, to June 30, 2023 (session full)
  • Next session with spaces available: September 2023 (applications accepted until March 2023)

→ Duration: 1,110 hours

Over 10 months – Tuesday to Friday – 30 hours/ week


  • Atelier Creamik, 7, rue de Port-Anna, 56860 Séné, FRANCE
  • Premises are accessible to persons with reduced mobility


→ Who can apply:

Employees/ Job seekers/ Individuals

→ Price:


→ Registration based on:

  • Application + Interview
  • Applications sent now will be considered for the 2023-2024 session.

Detailed information

To find out more about our professional training, please go to the French version of our website: