Certifying professional

(in French only)

In one year, learn the three essential pillars for earning a living from your new profession:
Wheel throwing
Mold making

By striking the right balance between
technique, productivity and creativity.

At the Créamik school, in an idyllic setting 200 meters from the sea, in Séné, Brittany.

Online glazing courses

Learn remotely,
without being limited by time or place.

Matthieu Liévois reveals all his personal tips and tricks, acquired over 40 years of experience.

More than 10 years of teaching have enabled him to assess the difficulties students are having, which he can now anticipate.

Beginner and advanced levels

Online resource center

Free and constantly evolving,

to provide answers to your questions and advise you on best practices, choice of equipment, etc.

Based on experience:

Over 40 years, Matthieu Liévois has accumulated a lot of tips that are very useful in a ceramist’s workshop.

He shares them for the first time here with you.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned amateur,
a future professional or already working as a potter,
if you want to progress in your pottery practice,
the Creamik school can help you!

My name is Matthieu Liévois. I have been a potter-ceramist for more than 40 years; I specialize in glazes. I founded the Creamik ceramics school in 2009.

Matthieu Liévois, Potter and Ceramist

Catherine Fontaine
Online Student
“I wanted to tell you how useful the course has been to me. I come back to it often. Thank you so much for your precious help.”
Laurence Froment
Online Student
“I just finished both courses. Great – very easy to understand. I’m ready to make my own glazes. Thank you for all this knowledge.”
Marc Nicolas
Online Student
“What you have achieved is remarkable. I had never before found something that is so complete and is approached in such a pedagogical way.”

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