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Matthieu Lievois, Potter Ceramist

Biography and portfolio


At age 20, after studying horticulture, a visceral desire to create with my hands led me to discover ceramics through a municipal workshop in Grenoble. The teacher there encouraged me to go further in my creative process. A year later, I received professional training in the Paris area with two potters (Drillon and Vivien), and then additional training on researching glazes with Pierre Lemaître. I moved to the Charente region in 1982. While producing utilitarian ceramics, I refined my throwing technique and did major research into stoneware and porcelain glazes.

The alchemy that occurs through the heat of the kiln fascinates me every time I unload it. Like a cook in front of his stove, I mix the ingredients according to my impulses and let the fire do its work. Over time, I end up with glaze textures and colours that I like. This work allows me to develop my own research technique, so I can quickly attain what I’m looking for.

In 1989, I moved my workshop to Brittany, on the edge of the Gulf of Morbihan. For more than 20 years, I have learned to understand the material I use, to love it, to respect it and to consider it a co-creator of the work.

In 2009, I felt the need to share and pass on what the clay and the fire have taught me so the technique can serve other people’s expression as well.

After I did a major renovation of my workshop, the CREAMIK school was born.

Today, more than 500 people have taken my courses.

Online gallery

Discover Matthieu Liévois’s ceramics in his online gallery: www.galeriecreamik.com

Creamik gallery, online gallery showing the work of Matthieu Lievois