Online course

From the comfort of your own home or studio, discover or perfect the ceramic techniques taught at a professional school.
Progress at your own pace, whatever your level.


12 hours of lessons

  • Make your own glazes, apply them and fire them
  • Understand what causes defects, adapt a recipe and create a color bank
  • Use the Glazy calculation software with the course
  • Lifetime access to the videos, as well as downloadable PDFs, comprehension quizzes and recipes

Beginner and advanced level

Defects Map

  • A 41 page defect map to download
  • A visual guide to download to better identify defects
  • Access to a community to deepen your knowledge

Why an online course?

The idea for creating
an online course on glazes came in 2018

Calculating your own glazes, adapting a recipe and mixing powders to make a glaze are still rare skills and are not often taught.

The creation of glazes being Matthieu’s specialty, for years he regularly received requests from people wishing to join the glaze session given to students in the vocational training program. The school grew to the point that he no longer had the time or the space for people from outside the one-year program.

Matthieu was sorry to have to close the door to so many people who were eager to learn, when one of his great passions is to promote the creation of glazes.

He spoke of his frustration to two of his daughters – Perrine, a professional film director, and Tiphaine, a scientist by training and a writer – to try and come up with alternatives…

The course on glaze creation that Matthieu was teaching seemed particularly suitable for recording, since the video would make it possible to illustrate many important theoretical concepts in an understandable way.

A team effort…

With our respective skills, we had the right conditions to build an online course.

Matthieu was aware of the fundamental challenge of such a course: the students could not ask him questions live. The course therefore needed to be even clearer, more precise and more educational than what he had been teaching in person.

So we worked for more than a year on a pedagogical overhaul of the course, testing each video with students in vocational training at that time.

We edited the videos carefully, making sure that each new concept was accompanied by visual aids…

… And we were delighted to discover that the videos also improved the learning of students in the vocational program!These videos are now an integral part of that program.

Now that the online course has launched, we are always happy to see the ceramic pieces that our online students have glazed!


12 hours of lessons

Defect map

A visual guide

Did you know ?

Why make your own glazes?

Faire des économies
Ceramics is a complex art: no one is immune to small imperfections, even at the highest level.

But understanding why a defect appeared, and being able to rectify the next test accordingly, makes all the difference!

Homemade glaze costs on average 10 times less than pre-made powder glaze, and 40 times less than pre-made liquid glaze.

It’s time to save money!
Contrôler ses produits
Buying ready-made glazes will not avoid imperfections!

A glaze manufacturer cannot predict the type of clay you will use, the layers of glazes you want to apply, and the type of kiln you use. Yet, these three factors greatly influence the final result of the glaze!

It is impossible to solve the problems a glaze poses without knowing its recipe. This would be like asking a mechanic to fix a car but not allowing them to look under the hood!
Quelle température ?
Because they use fewer ingredients, high-temperature glazes are easier to make than low-temperature glazes. That’s why the online course focuses on high-temperature examples: to simplify the learning. That’s why the online course focuses on high-temperature examples: to simplify the learning.

But the same principles apply for low-temperature glazes, and thanks to Glazy software, making them is quite straightforward!