French Master gives you the secrets to Joy and Confidence when the Kiln is opened

Discover what’s causing your pottery defects and how to prevent them using our defect map.

Matthieu Lievois, master French potter
  • The 41 page master defect map
  • Defect image library to better identify your type of defects
  • Access to a community to deepen your knowledge and ask questions

Total value: $396

Launch price: $19

Ever wondered why your pots:

  • Crack?
  • Explode?
  • Deform?

Why your glaze:

  • Drips or crawls?
  • Has bubbles or pinholes?
  • Isn’t the right colour?

Opening the kiln: make it like Christmas morning, not a complete disaster…

Stop recurring defects…

and pots ruining everything else in the kiln.

We’ve been there.

It’s frustrating when small defects spoil your hard work.

And if you’re a professional, it’s more than annoying – it’s costing you.

But don’t worry, we have a way out.

There’s a reason behind every pot defect.

And once you know the reason, then you can prevent it.

Simple, with the right guide.

Sounds good?

Let’s dive in.

If there was just one reason causing defects, we’d all be experts by now.

But it’s not that easy. The answers exist but they are layered.

The good news?

With experience and our map of defects, you’ll navigate these layers like a pro.

Our ceramic defects map:

  • Explains the science behind defects.
  • Acts as a rapid-learning tool.
  • Offers detailed solutions.
  • Useful at all levels of making.

Defect map

Your essential ceramics guide

  • Visual guide to defects
  • Dive into our detailed pages on each defect:
  • Understand, solve, and master.
  • Join our community and never feel lost again.

You’ll receive:

A 41 page defect map to download

A visual guide for easy identification

Access to a community to deepen your knowledge and ask questions

More than 2300 students have benefitted from our online courses

Here are their comments…

Anne Laure Servit
Matthieu’s online courses are a gold mine for anyone who wants to start creating glazes or, like me, get a refresher (3 years after my professional training).

The courses are clear and concise: it’s a joy to see Matthieu right in my studio.

A thousand thanks, Matthieu, and bravo.
Rose-Marie Bodenez
The instruction offered is of exceptional quality.

Matthew gives the tools and shows the way, to save time and avoid getting lost.

Matthieu’s technical and artistic mastery opens up many perspectives which can be used in a workshop.

These classes are magnificent, a dream machine.”
Sylvie Grosso
“Hello to the whole Creamik team, just to tell you that I am very, very happy with the recently purchased course. Everything is clear and concise, I am learning a lot. Many thanks.”
Hélène Lara
“It’s extremely well explained, with a lot of goodwill and professionalism. The attention to detail of the techniques, I am really delighted. Thanks for sharing your know-how Thanks for sharing your know-how
With all my gratitude.”
Thanks to your throwing course for intermediates, I passed the stacking test in the CAP. Thank you. I am a teacher by trade and I find that you are the potter who explains their technique the most clearly that I have ever listened to. Thank you.
  • We cover 95% of cases. For the rare outliers, our community is here to help.
  • Lack advanced pottery skills? No worries! The map is user-friendly for all.
  • Not sure what a defect is called? That’s why we also included the visual guide!

Why wait for another flawed pot?

Save your time and your frustration.

Learn now and improve instantly.

We want to make this an easy step for you.
So if the map is not for you, get your money back. Zero risk.

Here’s your pottery game-changer:

  • 45 years of expertise, simplified
  • Comprehensive defect solutions
  • A supportive community

Less frustration, more perfection.

Ready to embark?

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in our product and want you to discover the benefits for yourself. By offering it to you at this great price, we hope you will appreciate its value and consider taking our other courses in the future.

No, you do not need specific ceramic knowledge to understand the map.

Some solutions that we suggest require improving a glaze recipe, or improving your throwing skills. If you don’t know how and want to learn, we have all the courses you need to help.

We cover 95% of cases. For the rare outliers, our community is here to help. Whatever happens, you will find the answers.
We want to make this an easy step for you. So if the map is not for you, get your money back. Zero risk.
A large number of defects can be resolved extremely quickly. (Apply the solution and the defect will disappear in your next production!)
Others require a bit of research to find the solution, but usually after 2-3 tries you’ll find the right balance.
Once you register, you will get instant and lifetime access to the course platform on our site,

If you are not already a student with us, you will be asked to create a password to access the member’s area.

If for some reason you miss this step after having paid, you can also create your password from the invoice we send you instantly.

On the Créamik course platform, you’ll find an area dedicated to the defect map. Here the map is available to download in PDF format, as well as the visual guide with photos of example defects.