The Creamik school team

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Members of the Créamik team

Matthieu Liévois


Ceramics professional, graduate of the DRILLON-VIVIEN school, Matthieu Liévois opened his first workshop as a craftsman in Angoulême in 1982 then moved to Morbihan in Séné in 1989.

He participates in numerous exhibitions, pottery markets, national (Paris, Grenoble, Lyon, Nîmes, Nantes, Vannes, Rennes, Lorient, Quimper, Brest, etc.) and international (Belgium, Japan, Austria, Italy, Canada) fairs. , Germany).

In 2009, he created the CRÉAMIK vocational training center in Séné.

Main trainer, Matthieu Liévois gives practical courses in Turning/ Enameling/ Plaster work, as well as theoretical courses on enamelling.

Jeanne Pingault

course assistant

After a professional life as a landscape architect, in 2016, Jeanne chose to turn entirely to ceramics.

Trained at the Créamik school, she obtained her filming CAP at the end of her training. She then developed a multidisciplinary artistic production activity. Passionate about clay and its different types of decoration, she continues to nourish her knowledge of this artistic craft every day.

Jeanne joined the Créamik team in September 2019 to assist Matthieu Liévois with practical and theoretical teaching and participate in the organization of the workshop.

Alice Urien

Course assistant

Alice Urien obtained a CAP in filming at the CNIFOP, and a BTS in ceramic arts at the Olivier de Serre school.

Alice and her companion Olivier Ruaud have set up their studio-boutique since 2004, along the peaceful waters of the Nantes-Brest canal, very close to Ploërmel.

Their modern, colorful and refined creations are all unique pieces. Everyone works the land in their own way, revealing talent and personality.

Both poetic and refined, the creations come in the form of sculptures, vases, statues, boxes, cachepots, candle holders, candle holders, flowers, cups, exceptional teapots…

Alice joined the Créamik team in September 2022 to assist Matthieu and Jeanne in teaching.

Perrine Liévois

Administrative manager

Perrine Liévois, daughter of Matthieu Liévois, takes care of the administrative management of the school: secretariat, information, funding application files, accounting, etc.

Tiphaine Liévois

Communication Manager

Tiphaine Liévois, another daughter of Matthieu, takes care of the management of the school’s website, online courses, and communication on the Internet.